Introduction to our weight loss journey with Sprezzatura and their12-week program.

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Sprezzatura is a 12-week healthy weight loss programme which deals with:
Weight issues – hormones, age, emotional, anxiety, cravings,
Holistic physical and mental approach – physical hunger vs mental hunger
Sustainable weight loss within your lifestyle

A choice of 4 different and Convenient Eating Plans to assist Weight Loss.

Each plan is designed to suit a particular lifestyle and assist the amount of weight you want to lose

Followed up with a 12-month realistic maintenance plan and a toolbox to
equip you to make better informed decisions
Healthy formula without contraindications

Weight loss – 2 capsules am and 2 capsules 8 hours later
Maintenance – 2 capsules per day

Order here https://dotmilton.co.za/product/sprezzatura-weight-loss-formula/

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