Testimonials from Dot Miltons happy clients



Optoderm CBD cream is wonderful for my highly reactive rosacea skin condition. I ran out recently and used an alternative while I waited for stock to arrive. Whithin two days I had a reactive rash! I rushed to collect my Optoderm CBD cream, applied it, and within a few hours my skin was calm and the rash gone. From now on I will keep a spare in my cupboard! Thanks Dot

For as long as I can remember I've struggled with a very dry/dehydrated skin - resulting from the use of chronic medication, spending lots of time in the sun and, I suspect, genetics. In more recent years I also developed rosacea, leaving me with a red complexion.  I had on many occasions spent lots of money on highly recommended products guaranteed to improve my skin, but never experienced any positive results.

It was with a very desperate mind-set that I met with Dot for the firsttime. We took my 1st scan (Oct 2018) and the dehydration was very visible - the wide 'gap' between my epidermis and sub-layers of skin visible on the scan explained why the products I previously used did not impact - they didn't penetrate as a result of the skin's dehydrated condition. This was the day I started supplementing with Hydrolysed Collagen upon Dot's recommendation.The plan was to improve the condition of the skin first and once a good foundation is established we will work on suitable products.
Each scan clearly showed an increase of collagen levels.

Dot then introduced new serums & creams to my regime targeting the rosacea, dehydration & ageing - I can now clearly see an improvement in my outer skin as it seems smoother and softer, definitely appears more hydrated and healthy, and for the first time ever I am being complimented on my skin. The visible signs of dryness have disappeared, my complexion has definitely improved and yet another first - I am actually seeing and experiencing positive results. The redness is definitely less - I've noticed more improvement than I did after using antibiotics to address the rosacea. The plan worked - by improving my collagen levels, the products I use are actually absorbed into the skin and the results are coming.  I am one very happy customer!


"I have been struggling for a few years with pimples, especially on my forehead. I have been tried various creams but nothing has helped them heal. After chatting to Dot about my pimples she recommended Rawbiotics Gut correct as she felt that I had a gut problem. She also recommended Sally-Ann Creed's Pure Hydrolysed Powder Collagen. She also recommended Scinderm 7% Salicare Gel and Skinderm Bye Bye Pimples 10% Acne Lotion. I used all these products and within a week, there was a dramatic dramatic improvement in my pimples. I am continuing to use all these products. If I do get a pimple it clears up quickly with the Bye Bye Pimples 10% Acne Lotion.

The back of my upper arms have always been rough but now they are smooth.

I am so grateful to Dot as my daughter was getting married and I didn't want to have pimples on my face for that Special Day. " - Karin Weiman





" Thank you for my makeup lesson – wow my skin looks amazing & teeth so white with the lipstick choice. I’ve received lots of compliments thanks to you!! Even my brother messaged me to ask if it was a recent profile picture because I looked so good! "- Jean-Louis








"Due to the sensitive nature of my skin, I have steered clear of overly complicated cosmetics and face creams all my life. So, it was not without some trepidation that I decided to trial Beaute Pacifique. But trusting in Dot, I gave it a bash and to say that I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Not only did I have no adverse reactions, but my rosacea has diminished considerably. Dot has continued to look after me and always does what is best for my particular skin. Her support and innate understanding has been invaluable." Annette Small-Smith







"I have sensitive skin and have spent both too much time and money testing out all sorts of well-known skincare products that promised the world and simply didn't deliver. My face was constantly red and inflamed, with dry, scaly patches. Just lovely! Dot accurately diagnosed me with Rosacea at our first consultation (this was subsequently confirmed by a dermatologist) and introduced me to her products. Her intelligent and caring approach means that she has managed to slowly get my skin to tolerate a regime of very active anti-aging products-something that a couple of years ago I simply wouldn't have been able to consider." Nikki Grieve