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Eyebrow Shaping/Styling

Perfectly groomed eyebrows can be as revitalizing to your look as having your eyelids lifted. They balance your features and frame your eyes.

Grooming and filling in your eyebrows can be a daunting task.

Beautiful Brows have fast become my signature. Let me help you achieve your best eyebrow shape and colour in one of the following services:

• Eyebrow shaping (basic)
• Eyebrow shaping/styling/Correcting/Tinting

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Individual Makeup advice and application

• Makeup Lesson - 1hour
What we were taught in terms of how to apply our makeup as youthful girls no longer applies as we mature. Not only have styles and times changed, but so have our features.

It can be as simple as noticing how your eye liner suddenly seems to age your face rather than enhance it. Cheeks that once stood proud have dropped slightly and lips seem so much thinner.

For our daughters of course, starting off on the correct path to makeup application is an invaluable skill that will see them through all the events of their lives.

Should you be interested in learning how to truly accentuate your assets and best apply your makeup, come and see me.

Bring your own makeup bag along for a spring clean and update and learn to use what you already have properly.

• Private Lesson - 30min
Update your existing makeup look – help with a specific makeup item you are unsure of using. This option is also suitable to someone who doesn’t wear much makeup and wants a quick everyday makeup advise.

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Special Occasions

• Special Occasion Makeover (30min)
Come to me & I will do your makeup for your special event.

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Group Lessons

• Makeup for teenagers and/or adults – min 6 /max 10 people. (2 hours)
Choose your own date, get a group of your friends together and I will teach you everything you would ever need to know about how to make the best of your facial features – you will also pick up lots of tips from the group…..book club girls, bridge groups etc.

• Dermascan Skin Experience- It’s a fun and informative way for you and your friends, family or colleagues to experience a personal Dermascan and skin consultation to show you what is going on in the deeper layers beneath your skin’s surface and how to get your skin to be ‘the healthiest skin ever’.

Do this over a glass of wine, coffee, breakfast, lunch and have a good catch up with your colleagues at the same time! Alternatively, make it part of your wellness programme at your company and I can put together a wellness morning, seminar or afternoon with other speakers as well.

• Sun Education –talks tailored to suit different age groups i.e. Primary school /senior school. As a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) survivor, Sun Awareness is very important to me, hence my passion to educate the youth.

• Customise your own group lesson/workshop i.e. teenage skin/acne, spring/summer update (makeup & clothing).

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Skin Assessment

• Skin assessment/Collagen Assessment - 30min

During your 30 min in-depth skin assessment and consultation you will be able to see the improvement in your skins epidermis, dermal collagen & sun damage. Your scan is saved onto your personal history for us to track the progress over time.

This is a medical ultrasound scanner which will show you a picture of the condition of your epidermis and dermis. You will be able to see the amount of collagen & elastin in your skin as well as the level of sun damage.

There is no need to remove your make-up.

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Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers – The perfect gift

Your options:
• Open voucher – Give the gift of choice by selecting any value for your gift voucher and your recipient can choose how they want to use it.
• Customised Voucher – choose any of the services or products I offer and customise your own special gift.

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Spicule Treatment

What is the benefit of BIO-NANONEEDLING WITH SPONGILLA SPICULES vs MICRO-NEEDLING (traditional metal needles)?
Spongilla Spicules are smaller and finer, so no epidermal anaesthetic is needed.
Stinging sensation is virtually non-existent when compared to metal cartridge needles.
Spicules are extremely fine, the introduction process does not pierce the blood vessels, no bleeding will occur.
The spicules themselves do not have any active ingredients, so the sterile Fusion ampoule and its actives is key regarding the issue being treated ie pigmentation, ageing, acne etc

Why is this treatment helpful to my skin? Improved absorption of active ingredients into the skin, improved skin texture, fast skin renewal and stimulation, improved micro-circulation and oxygenation to the skin.

How will my skin react? After 3-5 days of application, the skin usually peels off lightly, is slightly pink, and new skin will regenerate. Treatments can be done every two weeks.

What are SPONGILLA SPICULES and what skin issues can be treated with them?
Spongilla Spicules have a soft structure and look like underwater plants such as kelp.
The first use of Spongilla Spicules came from Europe, where the people used sponge powder to treat acne and pimples. The locals salvaged sponges that grew in fresh water, dried them in the sun and ground them into a powder after drying. Then, they mixed the sponge powder with water and applied to acne-troubled skin and pressed on, then rinsed with water.
The spicules themselves do not have any active ingredients, so the sterile Fusion ampoule and its actives is key regarding the issue being treated Ie Pigmentation, Acne, Scarring, Ageing/wrinkle reduction, Hydration/Filler etc

Skin may be pink, which may continue for 24-48 hours post treatment.
You will feel the sponge spicules in your skin for that time (but only when the skin is touched), so skin should be treated gently; not rubbed or scratched.
Aftercare products should be patted gently into the skin.
Pigmentation and acne may purge to the surface and may look worse for one or two days.
Expect fabulous skin in 7 days!!