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I’m back from my relaxing and inspirational trip to Athens, Samos, Ikaria & Fourni islands.

Ikaria is one of the “blue zones” of the world known as the island of longevity where you can find some of the oldest people on earth – many say they forgot to die!

They not only live longer but better as well, at least when it concerns their health. Most report minimal medicine usage.

Diet is an important, but not a main factor affecting the lifespan of Ikarians. Here contributing factors:

– Mediterranean diets combined with fresh organic produce including
vegetables, fruits,herbs, fish, olive oil, local honey and their famous red
wine which is loaded with resveratrol!

– Greek coffee and mountain tea, which are key antioxidants for the body.

– A good physical condition as a result of their daily commutes across hilly and mountainous terrain

– Midday rest, even if it’s a short nap, has proven to protect and improve heart function.

Drawing from my own observation, as well as taking into account the opinions of the locals, they believe that their densely integrated social life has a large impact on their longevity.

You will see multiple generations together on a daily basis. Great grandparents, grandparents,parents and children eat together every day. Everyone plays a role which has a massive impact on the community.

In addition, everyone has access to each other across all the generations. This is said to reduce stress levels and has enormous benefits for mental health.

They live a simple, humble life and pride themselves on having an equal status in the community – everyone contributes to society.

Coming out of the Covid crisis, which as we all know created intense isolation,makes one realise just how important these close relationships are to our mental health, happiness and stress levels.

My takeaway is this; we should encourage relationships across all our family generations.We should spend more time with friends and be more available and communicative within our communities.

I look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you in the near future and sharing more details of my trip.

I’m busy finalising my work calendar, but in the meantime please feel free to contact me on my cell, social media or via email.


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