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  • Makeup for teenagers and/or adults – min 6 /max 10 people (2 Hours):

Choose your own date, get a group of your friends together and I will teach you everything you would ever need to know about how to make the best of your facial features – you will also pick up lots of tips from the group…..book club girls, bridge groups etc.

  • Dermascan Skin Experience:

It’s a fun and informative way for you and your friends, family or colleagues to experience a personal Dermascan and skin consultation to show you what is going on in the deeper layers beneath your skin’s surface and how to get your skin to be ‘the healthiest skin ever.’

Do this over a glass of wine, coffee, breakfast, lunch and have a good catch up with your colleagues at the same time. Alternatively, make it part of your wellness programme at your company and I can put together a wellness morning, seminar or afternoon with other speakers as well.

  • Sun Education:

Talks tailored to suit different age groups i.e. Primary school /senior school. As a malignant melanoma (skin cancer) survivor, Sun Awareness is very important to me, hence my passion to educate the youth.

  • Customise your own group lesson/workshop i.e. teenage skin/acne, spring/summer update (makeup & clothing)