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Bio-Sweet Prebiotic Sweetener – Sally-Ann Creed




This is a brand new and very exciting sweetener! It is both a prebiotic as well as a sweetener – with no carbs, no calories and no aftertaste. It doesn’t get better than this! Spoon for spoon it is as sweet as sugar, but so much better for you. It is heat-stable so can be used in hot or cold beverages and added to food. It will not lose it’s efficacy.


Monk Fruit – Sally-Ann is the first person to introduce monk fruit to South Africa! You’ll find it in her Keto Sweet Zero a granular one-for-one sugar replacement with erythritol and now it comes to you in the form of a delicious prebiotic sweetener. So you are able to enjoy the benefits of the amazing monk fruit together with a prebiotic.

Prebiotics – are essential in feeding your beneficial bacteria in your intestines. It also acts as a soluble fibre, is utterly delicious and does you more good than you can believe. It’s also rather more-ish to eat by the spoon! Go right ahead, you are only giving yourself more good flora-food for your intestinal bacteria.

HOW TO USE: Take one teaspoon (or as many as you would take of sugar) and use just as you would for sugar.

NO additives, maltodextrin or glycosides/artificial sweeteners
NO sugar
NO dairy
NO soya
NO gluten
NO flavourants
Low Carb, Keto, Paleo, Diabetics
100% Pure and Natural