Introducing Liezl to Sprezzatura to start her weight loss journey

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This is a unique personalized weight loss approach with tools to address
mood and emotional well

The 3-month starter pack includes the following:
Digital online platform – create a personal profile using your unique coupon
code inside your started box

3 diet plan options:
Diet plan 3 – slow pace good if you struggle with emotional eating
Diet plan 2 – medium pace – fits in with your lifestyle, cooking for family
& kids
Diet plan 1 – fast pace strict diet – loose up to 12 kilograms in your first
4 weeks
Use daily trackers to check in with your progress

NOTE :Prepping your meals is important to avoid cheating

Weight loss – 2 capsules am and 2 capsules 8 hours later
Maintenance – 2 capsules per day

Order here https://dotmilton.co.za/product/sprezzatura-weight-loss-formula/

Sprezzatura is Uniquely Formulated with 22 Ingredients that Target:

Breakdown of Fat Cells and Fat Storage
Appetite Suppression and Cravings
Emotional Eating, Stress and Mood Stabilization
Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome Improvement
Fast, Sustained All-day ATP Energy Production
Ketosis with a Boost in Metabolism
Carbohydrate Blocking
Restoration of Gut Health
Reduction of Metabolic Inflammation

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